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Renewed Thinking: Building High Performance Organizations

Justine Chinoperekweyi

Journal Title:Organization Leadership and Development Quarterly (OLDQ)

The turbulent business environment, complexity and chaos in organizations have necessitated the need for renewed thinking on the approaches to building high performance organizations. Complexity Theory and Chaos Theory indicate that the modern corporation is a highly complex adaptive system that is disorganized and unordered. Let’s review the need for renewed thinking from a corporate governance perspective. Why corporate governance? Sustainability is a product of effective governance roles and functions, particularly the strategic leadership and strategic thinking. Renewed thinking facilitates the development of organizational strategies consistent with an enduring organizational genome. With renewed thinking, organizations (boards to be precise) can effectively examine the triggers that might propel the organization beyond the new normal. It also facilitates the ability to explore for promising adjacencies to the core business of the organization. Renewed thinking enables boards to prospect for blue oceans and change the organization’s course. For organizations to fully adopt the far more assertive posture of initiating and driving (orchestrators), renewed thinking is strategic and operational imperative. A failure to capture this strategic and operational imperative leads organizations to be mere reactors.