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Incisions on cladode the Pitaya Red of white pulp to promote the rooting

Ranieri Reis Laredo, José Darlan Ramos, Verônica Andrade dos Santos, Ellison Rosário de Oliveira, Leonardo Pereira da Silva Brito, Deniete Soares Magalhães

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

The objective of this work was to study different types of incisions in white pulp pitaya cladodes to promote and anticipate rooting in the formation of seedlings. The collection of cladodes was carried out in clones of pitaya matrix plants. The treatments were: T1 = incision perpendicular to cut (control), T2 = incision bevel, 45º, T3 = removal of 1/3 until reaching the main axis of the cladode (pericycle), T4 = perpendicular incision of 1/3 on three sides of the cladode, T5 = without incision. The different incisions made at the base of the cladode provide a high percentage of rooting. Incisions can be used to obtain a more efficient root system.