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Viability to profit in the indirect selection of acerola genotypes

Deniete Soares Magalhães, José Carlos Moraes Rufini, Alejandra Semiramis Albuquerque, Renata Elisa Viol, Martha Cristina Pereira Ramos, Matheus Pena Campos

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

The fruit mass and the longitudinal and transverse diameters of acerola fruits were measured in order to determine whether the selection of these characteristics more easily measured, leading to indirect gains in reducing seed mass , the increase in pulp yield and reduce the moisture content of the pulp. They concluded that for being heavier and larger weight of fruit pulp, you must first select the genotypes with greater mass fruit and among these, those that produce fruits with smaller cross-sectional diameter , since the evaluation of the two features is that the easier evaluation of the dough mass.