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An Analysis of Students Academic Performance: A Case Study of Sarhad University, Peshawar, Pakistan 

Rabia Shah; Waheed-ur-Rehman; Gohar Abbas; 

Journal Title:Sarhad Journal of Management Sciences

The researcher has tried to investigate the factors affecting academic performance of graduate students in this article. In the study academic performance (student’s grades/marks) is taken as a dependent variable and the gender, age, Attendance, schooling, Household Income, residential area, medium of schooling; daily study hours and accommodation as independent variables. 100 students were selected though simple random sampling for data collection and the data was collected through structured questionnaire from the different departments of Sarhad University of Peshawar. For analysis, linear regression analysis, correlation analysis, and descriptive analysis are used. It was extracted from the findings that attendance, Household income and daily study hours significantly contribute to the academic performance of graduate students.