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Numerical Studies on Smoke Natural Filling in an Underground Passage with Validation by Reduced-Scale Experiments

Yeqiu Wu, Angui Li, Jiangyan Ma, Ran Gao, Jiang Hu, Bin Xiao and Peng Zhang

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

The use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is becoming more common and reliable as a tool for kinds of buildings fire safety design, but it is not easy to be validated. In this paper, Fire Dynamics Simulator v5.0 is used to investigate the spill plume and the resultant natural filling in the underground transport passage of main transformer of a hydropower station due to the adjacent main transformer hall fire. Ceiling jet temperature decay along the transport passage and smoke layer interface height are simulated. Series of scale model experiments are carried out using pool fires placed at the centre of the main transformer hall. The data obtained from these experiments are later used in a validation study of the FDS simulated results. The FDS simulated results are also compared with the expressions proposed in the literature. The results show good agreement between experimental and numerical predictions. And through suitable adjustment of the constants of the exponential equation, good agreements are also found between the predicted data and calculated results.