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Effects of Perennial Vegetation on Runoff and Erosion for Field Plots on Loess Plateau in China

Zhang Tiegang, Peng Li, Zhanbin Li and Xiaoding Guo

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

Vegetation is one of effective methods for soil and water conservation. How to select suitable vegetation species is a key problem in the practice. In this study. through 7 years observations on the rainfall, vegetation cover, total runoff and sediment in the plots, results indicated that the benefit of the vegetative cover on runoff and sediment dominated on all plots. The accumulative sediment yield from bare plot was 7 times to that from Astragalus absurgens + Caragana korshindkii plots, also over 4 times to that from the Medicago sativa, Medicago sativa + Caragana korshindkii and Astragalus absurgens plots. Among all the vegetation types, Caragana korshindkii was the most efficient in reducing the runoff, and the combination of shrub and grass also had better effect in reducing the runoff. The accumulative runoff from bare plot was 2.57 times to that from the C. korshindkii, and over 2 times to that from M. sativa, M. sativa + C. korshindkii, A. absurgens + C. korshindkii and Vicia amucena + C. korshindkii. This study is of great importance for the selection of suitable species for vegetation reconstruction in arid and semi-arid areas.