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Seasonal Variation of Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Water in Vignasanthe Wetland of Tiptur Taluk, Tumkur District, Karnataka

K. C. Jagadeeshappa and Vijayakumara

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

The influence of seasonal variations in physico-chemical characteristics exert a profound effect on the distribution and population density of both animal and plant species. In the present paper we carried out the study to evaluate physico-chemical characteristics of water of Vignasanthe wetland located at Tiptur taluk of Tumkur Dist, Karnataka. The constituents monitored include temperature, pH, TUR ,EC, TDS, Cl, TH, Ca, Mg, Alk, NO3, PO4, Fe2+, Si, DO, BOD, CO2, SO4, COD and DOM. A significant variation in these parameters was observed throughout the study period and monthly comparisons were made as monsoon, premonsoon and postmonsoon. The results of present investigations were compared with earlier available literature and revealed that there is a fluctuation in the physico-chemical characters of the water. This is due to inflow and change in the temperature as season changes.