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A Comparative Economic Analysis of Organic and Inorganic Manure Consumption in Agricultural Production with Special Reference to Pondicherry Union Territory

S. Venkatasan and D. Murugan

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

Green revolution has resulted in over application of inorganic inputs such as fertilizer and plant protection chemicals. The post green revolution period has threatened the sustainability of Indian agriculture and raised a serious concern about receding groundwater level, loss of soil fertility, low diversity of production system and increasing cost of production. In view of these concerns, the modern-day agriculture gave birth to organic farming. The present study makes a comparative economic analysis of organic farming and inorganic farming under different sizes of land holdings in Pondicherry Union Territory. Since the organic manure consumption in agriculture results in increase in agriculture production, all the farms in the study region may use organic manure which may lead to reduction in the cost of production, and the same may be disseminated to the farmers through NGOs and other extension activities.