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Isolation of Halotolerant, Thermotolerant and Phosphate Solubilizing Species of Azotobacter from the Saline Soil

Vishwas S. Patil, Sharmishtha V. Patil, H. V. Deshmukh and G. R. Pathade

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

Soil salinity is a major problem in Maharashtra. Attempt is made to isolate salt-tolerant, thermotolerant, nitrogen fixing, phosphate solubilising Azotobacter spp. from the saline soil of Khodashi village in Satara district. Eight Azotobacter spp. were isolated from the saline soils. They were confirmed based on morphological, cultural and biochemical characteristics. They were tested for saline and thermal tolerance. The phosphate solubilizing potential of the these Azotobacter isolates was qualitatively evaluated by the formation of halos (clear zones) around the colonies growing on solid medium containing tribasic calcium phosphate as a sole phosphorus source. The results showed that phosphate solubilising, salt tolerant and thermotolerant Azotobacter spp. could be a promising source for the development of saline-alkali soil-based agriculture.