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Development of Competitive financial intermediation in the Context of Provision of non-inflationary Monetization of Economy

Davoyan Lidia

Journal Title:Sovremenna? ?konomika: problemy, tendencii, perspektivy

Article devoted to the problems of increasing the efficiency of financial intermediation in the context of provision of non-inflationary monetization of economy. As the recent global financial and economic crisis showed, the dilemma between the provision of the economy with sufficient money supply, especially with long money from one side and the provision of macroeconomic stability (what in tandem we call non-inflationary monetization) is the outstanding issue not only for transition and emerging economies, but also for mature economies. Within the article there was an attempt to find the mechanism and ways of solving the abovementioned problem mainly in transition and emerging markets. With this purpose the inflationary consequences of money supply growth in the conditions of underdeveloped financial institutes are revealed within the article as well as the concept of financial intermediation deepening in these economies is substantiated.