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Evaluation of the optimization Methods Impact on the Dimensions of the Sub-Processes

Dimitrov Ivan Tenev Yangyozov Petko Dimitrov

Journal Title:Sovremenna? ?konomika: problemy, tendencii, perspektivy

This research present the methodology, through which quantitative evaluation can be made of the rate of impact of each optimization method on the dimensions of the sub-processes within a business process. To that end, first of all the methods of optimization of the sub-processes, four of the most often used dimensions in the practice, as well as the four aspects of business optimization are presented. A classification scheme has been drafted which reflecting the impact of the optimization methods on the dimensions of the processes. Next, it describes the steps of ascertaining the type of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method which must be used - traditional AHP, triangular fuzzy AHP, trapezoidal fuzzy AHP or wide-trapezoidal fuzzy AHP, as well as of determining the membership function. Further, the entire methodology is presented through an algorithm built of three main blocks. The steps of performing the traditional and the fuzzified AHP methods are considered. The essence of functioning of the presented methodology is described.