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Socially Responsible Business and Competitiveness in Serbia Attitudes of Students

?o?kalo Dragan ?or?evi? Dejan Bogeti? Sr?an Bei? Caria

Journal Title:Sovremenna? ?konomika: problemy, tendencii, perspektivy

In this paper the authors attempt to point out the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its implementation in contemporary business. Also, the authors deal with competitiveness of enterprises, as well as activities that promote CSR in Serbia. Special significance is given to the review and analysis of research results of Serbian students (young population) attitudes on CSR and competitiveness. Throughout a three-year period the research has included 1,990 of examinees. Most of the surveyed examinees were the students from four universities and business schools directed towards business and management. The research has been conducted with the structured questionnaire. Among the other facts, the research has shown that a great number of examinees were not informed of CSR. Students experience the Serbian economy as uncompetitive and have identified several factors that are responsible for the lack in development of competitiveness.