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Socio-Economic Aspects of Mangroves: Potential of Biogas Production

Sanjay S. Sathe and Leela J. Bhosale

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

In the present study, biogas generation from mangroves is carried out to test the potential of mangroves as a substrate for biogas digester. Initially active slurry of cowdung was added in the biogas digester to produce proper concentration of methanogenic bacteria. Then continuously the mangove powder was added daily to bring out concentration of 8% for a hydraulic retention time of 25 days. The produced gas was tested by simple burning test. The biogas contents were variable in different species of mangroves. Sonneratia alba has got highest values followed by A. marina var. acutissima and Avicennia officinalis. The waste from biogas digester is also useful to obtain good manure as it has adequate N, P, K values.