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Effect of Distillery Spent Wash on Carbon and Nitrogen Mineralization in Red Soil

P. Latha, P. Thangavel, G. Rajannan* and K. Arulmozhiselvan

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

Distillery spent wash contains nutrients and organic matter used in agriculture as a source of plant nutrients and irrigation water. Carbon and nitrogen play an important role in increasing the agricultural production. A laboratory incubation experiment was carried out to study the different concentrations of distillery spent wash on soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics. The treatments consisted of T1-Soil alone, T2-Spent wash @ 20 kilo L ha-1, T3- Spent wash @ 40 kilo L ha-1, T4- Spent wash @ 60 kilo L ha-1, T5- Spent wash @ 80 kilo L ha-1 and T6- Spent wash @ 100 kilo L ha-1. Among the different levels, the amounts of NH4-N, NO3-N and carbon were greater in soil that received 100 kilo L of spent wash compared to soil alone. Results shown that application of spent wash not only adds mineral N and carbon to soil, but also promotes the mineralization of soil organic C and N, thus resulting in large amounts of carbon, NH4-N and NO3-N in soil.