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Studies on the Removal of Acid Blue 25 from Wastewater Using Activated Carbon and Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) as Adsorbent

P. Santhosh, A. Sridevi* and C. Dhandapani

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

Activated carbon has been widely used as an adsorbent. Curcuma longa (Linn.) may be an alternative of activated carbon. In the present investigation the study on removal of dye Acid blue 25 using Curcuma longa waste activated carbon as an adsorbent following the down-flow column adsorption technique with a view to assess the stability of the chosen adsorbent for design purpose. Batch kinetic and isotherm studies were carried out at different conditions like contact time, Acid blue 25 concentration and bed height of the adsorbent. The Bohart-Adams and Thomas models were employed for the mathematical description of adsorption equilibrium, and finally it has been observed that the experimental data fitted more accurately to the Thomas model for both the cases.