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A Novel Application of Micro Electrolysis-Fenton Process on High-strength Acidic Dye Wastewater

Zhanli Chen, Xiangrong Sun, Zhenzhong Liu, Xiaohua Huang1, Rui Jia

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

A combined process, micro electrolysis-Fenton process was chosen as the pre-treatment performance of high-strength dyestuff wastewater. The software tool ANLYSIS CFX was employed on simulation of the reactor. Meanwhile, comparative experiments were carried out and it was determined that the micro electrolysis-Fenton process was superior to the traditional one in terms of treatment effect. Optimal conditions were attained by experimental conditions changing. The results show that under optimal conditions, the BOD5/COD ratio could be increased from 0.08 to 0.46 and the COD removal rate could be more than 75%. This process was highly efficient in organic matter removal and biodegradability improving.