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Journal Title:Uluslararası Dil, Edebiyat ve Kültür Araştırmaları Dergisi

In this study, poetics of Gülten Akın who is one of the leading poets of Turkish literature of the Republican Era is discussed. Her study named “Şiiri Düzde Kuşatmak”, collecting her proses and conversations, is used as the basis for our review. One of the most important elements that constitute Gülten Akın’s poetics is the cultivation of her poetry by folk culture and literature. Gülten Akın’s poetry traces Pir Sultan, Yunus Emre and Karacaoglan. Akın defines poetry as a rebellion since she is a socially conscious poet. Hers is not a propaganda poetry but has power to transform masses. Nourishing her art with her life but refraining from reflecting life into art just as pure reality, Akın perceives art as a magic tool which transforms reality and expresses life by translating it into poetry. Akın opposes integration of values of the West and Turkish society without paying regard to cultural distinctions as a result of misconceived Westernisation. It is cultural exploitation when Western values are imposed on Turkish society behind the discourse of universalisation. Akın who is referred as a female poet does not deny the decisive influence of her gender on her poetry although she opposes to the gender-based delimitations on her poetry. Voice of the women of every social class exists in her poems. Feminine grace identifies her discourse. Instead of being referred to as a female poet, she emphasizes that her poesy comes before her gender and she features her identity as a humanist poet by favouring all the oppressed.  Akın went after contemporary poetry by rising on her own cultural values.