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Sanity, germination and vigor of creole bean seeds submitted to chemical and biological treatment

Diego Trentin, Daiani Brandler, Silvionei Webber, Maurício Albertoni Scariot, Paola Mendes Milanesi

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

Creole varieties are important for the survival of family farms and because it is a low technology investment, being the seed a potential dispersant of pathogens, the objective was to evaluate the microbiolization with Trichoderma harzianum, compared to the chemical treatment, sanity, germination and vigor of seeds of creole bean varieties "Cavalo" and "Chumbinho" (group type carioca and black, respectively). These were covered with: T1) chemical treatment; T2) biological treatment; and T3) control. The biological treatment (T2) reduced the incidence of fungi associated with the seeds of the studied varieties. However, at the dose of 200 mL of commercial product there was reduction in germination percentage and increase of abnormal seedlings.