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Lipids for dairy cows – performance and milk composition

Dhemerson da Silva Gonçalves, Rogério Mendes Murta, Camila Marques Oliveira, Hélio Oliveira Neves, Antônio Eustáquio Filho, Thiago Carlos e Silva

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

The objective of this revision is to study and compare the effects of the use of different levels and lipid sources in the production and composition of milk in dairy cows. Using lipids aims to increase the productive performance per animal and the energy concentration of the diet to supply the energy deficit at the beginning of lactation and to obtain greater efficiency of milk production. Several sources are used, such as lump of cotton, soybeans, sunflower, vegetable oils and calcium salts of long-chain fatty acids. Recent work suggests higher percentage of fat in the diet ranging from 8-9%. The use of fats in the diet at the beginning of lactation brings benefits in the performance of animals.