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The aclimatization of plants of Ananas comosus MERR var. MD-2 is stimulated with irrigation with magnetically treated water

Elizabeth Isaac Alemán, Yilan Fung Boix, Albys Esther Ferrer Dubois, Jorge González Aguilera, Alan Mario Zuffo, Leandris Argentel-Martínez

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

Several researches confirm the existence of a high relationship between the magnetic field and many biological processes at cellular scale. There are several methodologies of micro-propagation, however, the obtained results in the acclimatization phase, are not yet desired. The objective of the present study was to characterize the quality of the stomata of vitroplants of pineapple during the acclimatization phase and to evaluate the influence of irrigation with magnetically treated water (MTW) six months after the acclimatization. The magnetizer employed had an induction level of 50-70 mT. When evaluating the results, it was observed that the stomata conserve its anatomy while increasing the stomata and stomatal opening area values, with 64x103 stomata mm-2 in the treated pineapple vitroplants compared to the untreated ones, that presented 61.6x103 stomata mm-2; as well as, also presented 3.06 μm2 of stomatal opening area, in relation to the untreated ones that presented 2 μm2 . These results show the ease of treatment and the potential of MTW technology as an effective management via in the acclimatization areas of plants produced “in vitro”.