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Acclimatization of different gerbera genotypes micropropagated plants

 Tarcisio Rangel do Couto, João Sebastião de Paula Araujo

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

In the global ornamental plant industry, gerbera is among the top 10 cut flowers. This specie, commercially, micropropagation is more important than seminiferous propagation and natural vegetative propagation. Oobjective of this study was to evaluate the growth of gerbera genotypes micropropagated plants in the acclimatization. The experiment was installed in the acclimatization of micropropagation a randomized block design with seven treatments (gerbera genotypes) and 10 blocks (repetitions). Each parcel consisted of eight seedlings. After 90 days of acclimatization, high survival rate of plants and found that the genotypes 'Igor', GA and GR showed higher growth than 'Pacific', 'Igloo', 'Mephisto' and GL at this stage.