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Yield, absolut weight and growth of internal organs, non-carcass components and fat depots of lambs

Fabrício Leonardo Alves Ribeiro, Amanda Vasconcelos Guimarães, Rafael Fernandes Leite, Iraídes Ferreira Furusho-Garcia, Luciana Castro Geraseev, Viviane Aparecida Amin Reis,  Juan Ramón Olalquiaga Pérez

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

The effect of genotype and slaughter weight on yield, absolute weight and growth of internal organs, fat depots and non-carcass components of lambs were evaluated. 34 male lambs (17 crossbred Lacaune x Santa Ines and 17 purebred Santa Ines) were arranged in a completely randomized design (factorial 2x4) - 2 genotypes and 4 slaughter weights (15; 30; 45 and 60 kg of LW). Proportion of internal organs decreases with slaughter weights. Proportion of fat deposits increases with slaughter weights. The crossbreed lambs obtained greater proportion of liver and guts, while pure animals had higher proportions of omental, pelvic and inguinal fat. Internal organs grew precociously compared to the body. Fat deposits shows strong positive allometry. There was no strong genotype effect on allometric growth.