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Experimental Study on Water Use Efficiency of Winter Wheat in Different Irrigation Methods

Shun Sheng Wang, Liang Jun Fei* and Chuan Chang Gao

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

In order to probe dry matter accumulation, grain yield and water use efficiency of winter wheat, the study has been conducted under three irrigation treatments by the different irrigation methods. The results show that winter wheat water consumption and the ground dry matter accumulation gradually increase under the different irrigation conditions, with the increase in the number of irrigations, while yield and water use efficiency increase at first and then decrease. Under the same irrigation times, the water consumption of winter wheat in bed-planting is lower than that in flat planting, and dry matter accumulation is higher than that of flat planting. Compared with the flat planting, the water quantity of bed-planting can be saved 40%, the production can increase by 5.5% to 11.3%, and water use efficiency can increase by 0.17 to 0.40kg/m3. On the basis of the experimental results, it is suggested that the bed-planting mode in combination with considerably deficit irrigation at winter, jointing and booting stages is worth extending the application in winter wheat production.