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Detecting Digital Forgery Using Image Processing in Zero Day Attack

L. Haider Hameed Razzaq; Dr. Ghadah Al-Khafaji

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Digital image processing represent the identity for the last century in computer graphic. Many companies started to develop software to meet the significant need for the new technologies, especially these software demanded by movies and films production. Also, on the personal needs, image processing software are developed to the extent of zero coast for end users. This matter helped wide range of end user to build their skills to be professionals in photography jobs. On the other hands, the priceless of the image processing tools in addition to cheap computer device prices encourages other categories of end users to use these facilities illegally to forge the digital images to produce fake image content. This research tried to focus on help organizations (In developed countries) who uses normal scanners to convert paper documents into digital images to discover if the stored digital images are forges or still authentic as the first timed scanned in order to use them with the guaranty as reference digital evidences for future. Discovering the technique used to forge the digital image or determine the portion pf the image where the tampering have been done is not considered in this paper.