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Qualitative Phytochemical Analysis and in vitro Antibacterial Activity of Acmella Ciliata (H.B.K) Cassini and Ichnocarpus Frutescens (Linn.) R.Br. Against Two Pathogenic Bacteria

M. J. Daisy, A. R. Raju and M. P. Subin

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

In the present work, qualitative phytochemical analysis and in vitro antibacterial activity of the different component extracts of Acmella ciliata and lchnocarpus furtescens against Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis were studied. Extracts were prepared in methanol and water. Antibacterial activity was compared with control and standard antibiotic ampicillin. Both the plant species exhibited antibacterial activity against the test pathogenic bacteria. However, methanolic leaf extracts of Acmella ciliata was found to have maximum number of bioactive components and highest zone of inhibition against both the test bacteria and therefore as per the present study, methanolic leaf extract of A. ciliata is indeed the potential antibacterial agent against B. subtilis and E. coli.