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Study on the Changing Law of Dissolved Oxygen and Dissolved Oxygen Saturation in Baiyang Lake

Jianwei Ma, Junliang Liu and Shuxuan Liang

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

We studied the changing laws of dissolved oxygen (DO) and dissolved oxygen saturation of Baiyang Lake in the past few years. The analysis of dissolved oxygen was from two angles, they were monitoring value and saturability. The results showed that concentration of dissolved oxygen in Baiyang Lake was between 4.08 mg/L and 15.00mg/L, and concentration of dissolved oxygen in a day with the changes of light intensity showed a strong regularity, it was identical in changes of photosynthesis of aquatic plants. The volatility of changes of dissolved oxygen in summer and autumn were more than in spring and winter. The average values of dissolved oxygen were greater in winter than in spring and greater than in autumn and greater than in summer. This was related to water temperature, biomass and biological activities of lives. Dissolved oxygen saturabilities were close to 100% in spring and summer, so photosynthesis was stronger than oxidation in water. Dissolved oxygen saturabilities in autumn and winter nevertheless were less than 100%, and oxidation in water was in a dominate place. Following the comprehensive analysis, dissolved oxygen in Baiyang Lake was mainly affected by temperature, organic matter concentration and water-plants. The characteristics of photosynthesis were obvious in spring and summer and the oxidation in autumn and winter were obvious.