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Comparative Study on the Modelling of Mixing Length Distribution in the Sediment-Laden Flow

Ni Zhihui, Wu Lichun, Zhang Xujin, Yi Jing and Zeng Qiang

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

In view of the established mixing length model with lack of outside China applicability, different forms of flow must be adopted. Firstly, from motion mechanism of mixing-length of the sediment-laden flow, a new mixing-length distribution mode in vertical was deduced by combining flow turbulence theory with applied mathematics theory. Then, the existing typical experimental data were verified well, and by comparing linear distribution and parabolic distribution, the result shows that the distribution is superior to the latter two. Finally, its dynamics lead to mixing-length distribution characteristic is also discussed preliminarily, and influence of the sediment concentration on the distribution of the mixing-length. The established expression on the vertical distribution of the mixing-length is not only simple and explicit, but also better reflects the motion characteristics of the complex flow, for the foundation of further study on the velocity profile of the sediment flow.