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Spatio-Temporal Variations of Urban NO2 Concentrations in China

Fangshu Gao, Ying Peng, Guoxiang Wang and Yi Qian

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

The spatial and temporal characteristics of NO2 concentration were analysed from 31 cities in China over a six-year period (2003-2008). Urban NO2 concentrations were in the range of 12-73g/m3, and its pollution levels had an expanding trend in the temporal variations during 2003-2008. Spatially, there was an evident difference for urban NO2 concentration in the three regions of the eastern, central and western China. NO2 concentrations in cities had a significant reduction in eastern China, an obviously heightened trend in central China and a small heightened trend in western China due to the combined effects of industrial structural transformation and industrial upgrading, as well as control measures.