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Aspect in English and Mugali Rai: A Contrastive Study

Ichchha Purna Rai

Journal Title:Pakistan Journal of Language Studies

The paper attempts to explore the aspect system in Mugali Rai, spoken in Dhankuta district of Nepal by a very few people and compares and contrasts Mugali Rai aspect system with that of English aspect system. There are only two aspects in Mugali Rai, namely, perfect and progressive. Perfect aspect can be categorised into past perfect and present perfect in terms of time dimensions. Similarly, progressive aspect is also categorised into past progressive and present progressive from time dimensions. All types of aspects in Mugali Rai are morphologically marked. On the contrary, aspect system in English is not only morphologically marked. There are several complex constructions using have+past participle, be+present participle, and have+been+present participle for perfect, progressive and perfect progressive, respectively. Mugali Rai has only four structures for aspect whereas English has 17 different types of aspectual structures described in examples (24-40). It is really a challenging job for Mugali Rai learners to conceptualise these different structures. Finally, this paper finds out EFL problems and suggests some pedagogical strategies for teaching and learning English aspect system as a foreign language to Mugali Rai learners. Keywords: aspect, past progressive, present progressive, past perfect, present perfect