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The Two and a Half Faces of Bangla Monosyllables

Mina Dan

Journal Title:Pakistan Journal of Language Studies

Monosyllables are syllables as well as words. As syllables, they have a phonetic and a phonological representation - both together facilitate, first, checking legal combinations of segments in a language by devising a template, and second, revealing the phonotactics of the language. As words, monosyllables display at least four distinct features – meaning, overt structure, naming potentiality and orthography. These features assign monosyllables the status of an interface unit too. The present paper attempts to capture the two faces, viz., the syllable-like face and the word-like face of Bangla/Bengali monosyllables on various levels of language structure and treats the interface identity of them as an additional half face of the unit, as mentioned in the title of the paper.   Keywords: monosyllables, Bangla, rime, template, metrical phonology