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Clinical Efficacy of Apamarga Tandula and Vyoshadi Guggulu on Sthaulya

Sudhir Turil , Ashish Reja , Pawankumar Godatwar and Reetu Sharma

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Sthaulya (Obesity) is a disease which invites many other major and minor diseases. It has turned into a pandemic and needs attention from all, for its control. The present study was done to evaluate the efficacy of trial drugs Apamarga Tandula & Vyoshadi Guggulu in comparison to standard drug Sibutramine. Sixty subjects were randomly divided in three groups and Apamarga Tandula was given to group A, Apamarga Tandula & Vyoshadi Guggulu was given to group B and the standard drug Sibutramine was given to group C. Patients having clinical presentation of Sthaulya as mentioned in the ayurvedic texts (Prayatma lakshana) parameters as well as laboratory parameters viz., Hb, TLC, FBS, Cholesterol, TG, HDL, LDL and VLDL, were assessed for its efficacy. The trial groups displayed a comparable result in the laboratory and Prayatma lakshana parameters. In variables such as FBS and LDL, the drug Apamarga Tandula was found to be better than the control drug. In a display of synergistic action, trial drugs Apamarga Tandula + Vyoshadi Guggulu showed the best results in all the parameters, much better than the control drug Sibutramine.