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A Piloting Study on Godugdha Yukta Vaitaran Basti in Vataja Gridhrasi (Sciatica)

Sriram Chandra Mishra

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Gridhrasi (Sciatica) is a major health problem related to locomotor system in both developed and developing countries. There is close association between low back pain and Sciatica. The prevalence data on low back pain and Sciatica shows the problematic status of the disease. As many as 90% of patients with acute back pain return to work within three months, but many experience symptoms of recurrence and function limitations. This hospital based observational piloting study on Godugdha yukta Vaitaran basti evaluates its therapeutic efficacy on Vataja Gridhrasi. For control study, Katibasti with sahacharadi tailam is taken which is a well known & proven procedure for lumbosacral disorders. The study was conducted on sixty clinically diagnosed cases of Vataja Gridhrasi (Sciatica) on the basis of various subjective & objective scientific parameters. Clinically and statistically improvements were observed after completion of therapy which was more in Vaitaran basti group rather than Katibasti group. Both drugs were well tolerated and patients were not forced to discontinue drug treatment out of drug intolerance. However in the series of trial 100 % recovery leading to Cure could not be achieved. This may be due to the reason that Basti chikitsa is said to be Ardhachikitsa. Godugdha yukta Vaitaran basti has been found to be an effective therapeutic regimen in the management of Vataja Gridhrasi.