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Role of Navjivan Rasa and Ropana Tailm in the Management of Venous Ulcer

Dr. Kanchan M Borkar, Anantkumar V Shekokar and Sandhya A Kolekar

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

In modern aspect recurrence of venous ulcer, after conservative treatment, is very high. Direct venous surgery is difficult due to absence of suitable prosthetic graft and difficulty in reconstructing venous valve. The healing of wound still remains a major problem to the surgeon as well as to the patient. In Ayurveda the primary aim of the treatment is to give an effective and safe approach to this perplexing problem. Shonit Sanghat Bhedana, Marg Vivruanan, Bandh Chhinnana, Twak Mansa Sthirikaran, Lekhana, Lasikapuy and Shleshma Upshoshan are the Karmas (propertities)of Katu tikta Rasa . Therefore, we have selected Katu andTikta Raspradhana Kalpa which are Navjivan Rasa & Ropana Tailm for Antaparimarjan & Bahiparimarjan respectively medicaments of venous ulcer . In using Ayurvedic medicinal remedy we avoid surgery and its complication with saving of time and money. In the following article an attempt will be made for proper understanding of the historical aspect of the Dushta Vrana (Infected wound), its etiopathology, methodology of ulcer healing, in the light of Ayurvedic and modern knowledge. The clinical study was conducted on two patients who were selected randomly and divided in two groups. First experimental group treated with Navjivan Rasa and Ropana Tailm and second control group treated with Diosmin 300mg BID. The clinical assessment was done on the basis of grading criteria with basic symptomatology pain, local temperature, discharge, color and smell. Navjivan Rasa and Ropan tailm possess sufficient efficacy in Vran shodhana and Vran ropana and shows better results in healing of venous ulcer.