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Information Governance: A Necessity in Today's Business Environment

Ripon Datta; Mounicasri Valavala; Md Haris Uddin Sharif

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

The purpose of this research work is to identify the necessity of information governance (IG) in businesses today, and the impact it has on business survival. Most of the businesses face IG implementation issues, which do not have permanent or lasting solutions. Also, it is still not yet well-known which people in business are responsible for running IG and what role each individual play. A qualitative research method is conducted where secondary sources of information are analyzed. Also, a comprehensive review of literature is conducted. Today, almost every business is experiencing issues in the fields of information security, compliance, information and communication automation, policies implementation, and allocating roles and responsibilities for players in IG systems. Some solutions to these problems are provided in this research.