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Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Coal Industry

Qian Hong-wei and Yin Xiang-ju

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

The application of strategic environmental assessment of coal industry to improve industrial environment and adjust industrial structure is urgently needed. First, a combination of practical situations of coal industry and theory-based dynamic method of strategic environmental assessment, would enable a further development of related strategic environmental assessment that could be applied more effectively when deals with coal industry in practice. Second, based on modern ecological theory, strategic environmental assessment could help reveal the influence of coal industry on ecological and environmental aspects and associated mechanisms. Third, strategic environmental assessment, as well as traditional prevention and control research, could be used as indicators of the development trend of coal industry. Our results showed that when strategic environmental assessment was applied to coal industry, it could provide a strong methodology guidance and help reveal potential mechanisms. On the other hand, from the perspective of model ecological theory, strategic environmental assessment could reflect the applicability and feasibility of related theories in practice.