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Concept of Sattva according to Dehaprakriti

Kewat Sheela Rajaram, Vaidya Asmita Amrut and P. B. Thakare

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Ayurveda being a holistic medical science considers Sharira and Mann both as Vyadhiaashraya and for its examination Acharya Charaka has described Dashavidha Pariksha among which Prakriti Pariksha and Sattva Pariksha have their own importance. Among Prakriti, Dehaprakriti is formed by intensified Doshas & not only producing effect on every component of body but also on mind. Dehaprakriti is having influence on Sattva because Sattva is nothing but the reflection of our emotions & mind. Hence, in present study, an attempt is made to state the association between Sattva i.e. Mann & Dehaprakritti.