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Study on the Technology of Vortex Clarification and its Application in Wastewater Treatment

Tong Zhengong

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

After a brief introduction to the core parts of vortex coagulation technology, like the characteristics of vortex reactor, and its working mechanism with contact-flocculation and vortex coagulation, this paper emphasizes that the critical point of the vortex clarification technology is the micro vortex coagulation. Also it tells us the application of clarification tank in wastewater reuse plant. After alteration of the standard clarification tank in which the micro vortex reactor has been put into the first and second flocculation areas and the inclined pipes into the sedimentation area, the treatment scale of the vortex clarification tank is increased, and the effluent turbidity of the tank is lower than 3 NTU, the effluent turbidity of finished water is lower than 1 NTU and the investment of per ton micro-vortex water is lower than 50 Yuan RMB. The paper argues that in comparison to other coagulation reactors, micro vortex reactor deserves wide application for its various advantages, such as its higher coagulation efficiency, shorter reactivity time, better quality of finished water, stronger adaptive capability, and more conveniences in construction and the like.