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Effects of Planting Patterns on Leaf Area Index, Ground Dry Matter and Yield of Summer Maize

Shun Sheng Wang, Chuan Chang Gao and Xing Wang

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

In order to probe the influence of different ridge tillage planting mode of summer maize, the study has been conducted on leaf area index, ground dry matter accumulation and yield of contrast. The results indicate that in the whole growth period of summer maize, leaf area index of ridge tillage cultivation is increased relative to that in traditional flat cultivation. The maximum difference is 0.43. Leaf area index of trapezoidal ridge tillage cultivation is higher than that of V-ridge, with the biggest difference of 0.23. Ground dry matter accumulation and yield of ridge tillage cultivation are higher than traditional flatten culture, and the planting mode of trapezoidal ridge tillage is better than V-ridge tillage. On the basis of the experimental results, it is suggested that the trapezoid ridge tillage planting of summer corn is suitable to extend widely in the western region of China.