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Self-Esteem, Self-Regulation, Educational Aspirations and Priority Concerns of Student Grant’s-in-Aid Program for Poverty Alleviation (SGP-PA) Grantees

Ma. Lulu L. Loyola, Ed.D. RGC Nove D. Jalandoni, Ph.D., RGC Baby Rose G. Robles, Ph.D., RGC

Journal Title:West Visayas State University Research Journal

Abstract This study looked into the self-esteem, self-regulation, educational aspirations and priority concerns of the 226 SGP-PA grantees at West Visayas State University. Results revealed that the respondents had low self-esteem; mostly average self-regulation except those from the provinces of Antique and Guimaras who had poor self-regulation. Generally, they had moderate educational aspirations but high for those with average family size. Their topmost priority concern was their studies and the least was specific social issues. As to their studies, their topmost concern was: understanding their lessons and the least was working with classmates on projects. As regards self-development, planning their lives was topmost while knowing and understanding themselves was the least. As to family relationships, the topmost concern was improving their relationship with their siblings and least was teaching their parents how to handle their children effectively. In the area of social relationships, the topmost was developing their skills for starting/ maintaining friendships and the least was getting rid of their fear of social situations. On specific social issues, their topmost concern was handling adjustments caused by financial crises, and the least was learning more about sexual abuse/harassment. Finally, significant differences existed only in the level of educational aspirations according to grantees’ family size; none were observed in the level of self-esteem and self- regulation. As gleaned from these results, appropriate intervention program on self-development may be designed for the grantees of the program.   Keywords: educational aspiration; priority concerns; self- esteem;self- regulation; SGPPA grantees