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Validity of Malthusian Theory of Population in 20th Century in Terms of Using Scientific Technology to the Economic Growth and Strength

Mahfuzur Rahman

Journal Title:International Journal For Empirical Education and Research

In the late eighteenth century, in 1798, England's renowned economist Thomas Malthus, in his book ‘Essay on the Principal of Population’1, propounded a stirring theory about population, according to his name, it is called the Malthusian Population Theory. Malthus discussed the problem of population increase in the food supply and the scarcity of production rule. According to Malthus, population increases in geometric rates and food production increases at arithmetical rate. In the twentieth century, we will see how logical the population theory of Malthus is in today's world and how unreasonable. Although the population theory of Malthus is somewhat true for the underdeveloped countries. Due to the development and use of science and technology in the present world, the population theory of Malthas has been criticized by various modern economists.