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Adsorption Studies on the Removal of Chromium (VI) from Wastewater Using Activated Carbon Derived from Water Hyacinth

P. Santhosh and C. Dhandapani

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

In this study, Cr(VI) is removed from Wastewater using activated carbon derived from water hyacinth as an unconventional adsorbent. The aquatic plants commonly referred as aquatic weeds found in rivers, lakes and water logged areas pose a number of problems in water resource utilization. This work deals with one such weed water hyacinth which was selected to prepare activated carbon. The physical and chemical characteristics of the activated carbon prepared were determined. The study determines the parameters that influence adsorption process such as pH, initial metal ion concentration, contact time and adsorbent dosage. The suitability of Freundlich and Langmuir models was investigated for each chromium sorbent system. The Lagergrens constants were calculated for different initial concentrations of metal ions.