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Environmental Economic Dynamic Dispatch Modelling and Simulation Including Wind Farms

Yuhong Zhao, Yunhui Zhang and Jinyun Guang

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

Large-scale integration of wind power has brought profound challenge to traditional power generation dispatch. It becomes necessary to effectively coordinate the operation of wind power and traditional power sources. Traditional economic dispatch to minimize the fuel cost no longer meets the need for environmental protection when emission reduction is mandatory. Based on the optimal dispatch in traditional power system, the concept of energy-environmental efficiency was introduced to modify the optimal dispatch model in wind power integrated system, and the multi-objective optimal dispatch model was proposed on the basis of comprehensively considering the minimum of the resource consumption, the best energy-environmental efficiency and the highest system stability. A hybrid particle swarm and simulated annealing optimization algorithm with fuzzy technology was presented to solve the optimization model. Compared with traditional economic dispatch, the model proposed in this paper is reasonable and can better protect the ecological environment.