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Investigation on the Effects of Conventional Fossil Fuel to the Environment and Research on Renewable Fuels with Reduced Emission Using Biodiesel, Diethyl Ether and Hydrogen

C. Jegadheesan, P. Somasundaram, B. Meenakshipriya and U. P. Vignesh

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

The present world inevitably depends on conventional fossil fuel for a range of utilities like industrial production, electricity generation, transportation and domestic purposes. Regardless of its increased demand, the non renewable fuel resources are diminishing at an alarming rate. The environmental pollution effect of conventional diesel is frightening. The pollution effect of diesel begins from its production and lasts till its exhausts after combustion. The research work is carried on to find a suitable renewable fuel with reduced emissions as a substitute for downsized fossil fuels. The combination of Pongamia pinnata biodiesel and hydrogen is tested in experimental set up of CI engine with AVL gas analyser. The emission parameters like NOx, HC, CO and CO2 are measured. The experimental study analysis is made for various fuel combinations of hydrogen, Pongamia pinnata biodiesel and DEE comparing with conventional diesel. The emission reduction technique EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) is implemented and results are compared.