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Geochemical Assessment of Groundwater Along Thandava River Basin, Andhra Pradesh, India

K. Krishna Kumar, Y. Israel* and P. Sowjanya

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

Groundwaters under the influence of the river basin and of the reservoir sources undergo vibrant fluctuations due to various geochemical and geophysical characteristics along with seasonal impacts. To understand these influences, a geochemical assessment was made to reveal the groundwater quality and other geophysical characteristics. 117 water samples were interpreted for two seasons along the Thandava River basin. All the major cations, anions along with physical characteristics were assessed. The correlation of geophysical and geochemical parameters revealed the factors controlling the groundwater quality along the basin and in and around the reservoir. An in-depth assessment was also made for the geochemical evolution and flow pattern of the groundwater to understand the geomorphology of the basin and for the recommendations to be made for the safeguard of this natural resource unaffected from various anthropogenic activities in and around the basin and the reservoir.