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Carbon Sequestration in the Standing Trees at Campus of Shivaji University, Kolhapur

Kanchan Dubal, Pradnya Ghorpade, Meena Dongare and Sachin Patil

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

Trees remove atmospheric carbon through photosynthesis, that stores a tremendous amount of carbon in their structures. They act as a major CO2 sink which captures carbon from the atmosphere and stores it in the form of fixed biomass. Therefore, growing trees in the urban areas having a potential role regarding the accumulation of atmospheric CO2 in the form of biomass. Thus, the present investigation was carried out to calculate the carbon sequestration of 38 standing tree species in Shivaji University campus. The biomass and total organic carbon of standing trees is estimated by the non destructive method. The population of Gliricidia maculate is more in the university campus but it sequestrates the carbon in very less amount (0.329 tones/year) while the Ficus racemosa species sequestrated more carbon (65.367 tones/year).