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Investigation on the Bioremediation of Metal Pollution of Water and Soil Environment in Yongding River

Long Rishang, Men Baohui, Zhao Yawei, Wang Anze, Hu Sha and Wu Shuaijin

Journal Title:Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

The Yongding River is the mother river of Beijing. However, due to the environmental pollution caused by economic development, the water and coastal environment of this river has suffered from great destruction. The ecological restoration of the Yongding River is imperative. Phytoremediation and microbial remediation have made certain achievements in the aspect of river pollution control, but both have their own advantages and disadvantages. How to make best use of their respective advantages depends on the collocation and combination of plants and microbes. Based on field research and former literature, we proposed the method of plant-microbe associated bioremediation to restore the water environment and remove heavy metal pollution in soil of the Yongding River. This attempt provides new ideas and methods for the restoration of the ecological environment of the Yongding River.