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Performance Investigation of Solar Still Integrated to Solar Pond

Md. Irfan Ali, Bijo Joseph, R. Karthikeyan, and R. Yuvaraj

Journal Title:Bonfring International Journal of Power Systems and Integrated Circuits

This paper presents the experimental studies done on a solar still integrated to the solar-pond. The solar still base was coated with granular activated carbon(GAC) for enhancing the evaporation rate. The solar-pond was used to pre-heat the inlet water supplied to solar still. 0.01m water depth was maintained in the solar still. Physical modelling of solar-pond was done in matlab to determine the optimum salinity level required for the bottom layer of solar-pond which is the heat storing zone. From the simulated results we found that 50g/Kg salinity is the optimal value that should be maintained at the bottom layer of the solar-pond.