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Effect of Dimension & Material Composition on Transmission Coefficient and Tunneling Current of Double Quantum Barrier Structure with Band Nonparabolicity

Arpan Deyasi and Gourab Kumar Ghosh

Journal Title:Bonfring International Journal of Power Systems and Integrated Circuits

Transmission coefficient, eigen states and tunneling current density of a potentially symmetric quantum double barrier structure has been numerically computed using transfer matrix technique for qualitative analysis of resonant tunneling probability when realistic band structure of higher band gap material is taken into account. GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs material composition is taken as an example for calculation, and thickness of the barrier and well regions are varied along with material compositions of AlxGa1-xAs to study the effect on electrical parameters; and also to observe the existence of quasi-bound states. Effective mass mismatch at junctions is considered following envelope function approximation, and conduction band discontinuity is taken into account for computational purpose. Under low biasing condition, negative differential regions (NDR) can be obtained which speaks in favor of tunneling current.