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Impact of Elliptical Cross-Section on Some Electrical Properties of Gate-All-Around MOSFETs

Shankaranand Jha, Ashok Kumar and Subindu Kuma

Journal Title:Bonfring International Journal of Power Systems and Integrated Circuits

Silicon (Si) Gate-All-Around (GAA) MOSFETs offers full electrostatic control over the gate which makes them promising candidates for the next generation complimentary metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (CMOS) devices. Due to variations in the growth condition, the cross-section of GAA MOSFETs is often elliptical instead of being perfectly circular. This elliptical cross section changes the effective diameter of the silicon core which in turn affects the electrical properties of the device. In this paper we analyze the impact of elliptical cross-section of multi-channel Si GAA MOSFET on some electrical properties such as threshold voltage, drain current, and so on. The dependence of such properties on doping concentration, thickness of the oxide (insulator), channel dimension and number of conducting channels are also presented.