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The effect of video-based and text-based instruction on enhancing L2 vocabulary learning

Hassan Mohebbi

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Education Research and Review

L2 vocabulary learning is currently receiving increased emphasis in the language teaching curriculum. Additionally, with the emergence and prevalence of emergent technologies, in particular computer-assisted language learning and multimedia language teachers and practitioners are assumed to take advantage of the options provided through these technologies in prompting L2 learning. This study investigates the effect of using multimedia on prompting L2 vocabulary learning of Iranian language learners. To this end, twenty language learners were randomly assigned to two participating groups, namely a multimedia group and a comparison group. The multimedia group took advantage of a multimedia software and watched three movies with subtitles plus the texts. The comparison group attended the teacher-fronted classes and read the texts of the movies. After three sessions, the participating groups were given a posttest. The data analysis showed that the participants who were provided with multimedia outperformed the participants in the comparison group. The findings and the pedagogical implications of the study are explained in detail. Keywords: L2 vocabulary learning; multimedia; computer-assisted language learning